Reymos V.O

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TYPE OF WINE:  Sparkling Muscatel                                                            D.O:   Valencia

WINERY: Bodegas Reymos Cheste (Valencia)                                           VARIETIES: 100% Muscat



Sight: Pale greenish yellow, clean and brilliant with fine, persistent bubbles.

Smell: Intense, fine and elegant on the nose with natural freshly harvested grape aromas.

Taste: Perfect acidity-residual sugar balance.

Finish: Sweet and pleasant. Low alcohol content.

Food pairing: An ideal accompaniment to aperitifs and desserts.

Serving temperature: Between 5°C and 8°C.

Reymos was born out of the idea to diversify the products obtained from the Roman Muscat grape. This traditional variety thrivesin the region’s micro climate, soil and proximity to the sea which provide the perfect conditions for this grape to grow and produce a unique wine with a different taste and an excellent sugar-alcohol balance.

It differs from other sparkling wines in its manufacturing process (using the Charmat method) which is more natural as it is based on must.



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