El Enhebro

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TYPE : Red         D.O : Valencia      WINERY : Vinos de la Viña , La Font de la Figuera (Valencia)      VARIETIES : 50% Monastrell, 50% Garnacha Tintorera.


Sight : Clean, clear and full-bodied. Intense cherry red in color with hints of violet.
Smell : Clean and intense on the nose with primary aromas of ripe red fruit, spicy notes and Mediterranean brush land (thyme, basil),
and wild flowers.
Taste : The wine has a medium, well-structured, fresh and direct palate. Overall, it is well-balanced and accurately reflects the aromas detected on the nose.
Serving suggestions : This is a versatile wine that pairs well with all types of dishes thanks to its freshness, and as a red wine, it is also
the perfect accompaniment to white and red meat and game.
Best served : Between 14ºC and 16ºC.
El Enhebro is a play on words in Spanish, based on enebro, juniper in English, a bush which grows in abundance in the area the wine is made in, and the verb enhebrar, « to thread », which symbolizes the sewing together or fusion of the terroir of the Valldels Alforins with its valuable native varieties and the cultural wealth passed down by generations of winemakers. The result is a fresh yet refined wine, highlighting the elegance and floral sensations of the Monastrell variety and the color and fruitiness of Garnacha Tintorera.


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